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About Us

With a passion for quality, sustainability, and innovation, we embark on a journey to redefine the culinary landscape of dates

Outoof Dates is a registered trademark to Al Qotuf Al Mobaraka Date Factory. which has been built recently with a state of art infrastructures and new technologies into Dates manufacturing and packing. Our core business is to develop innovative dates products. offering healthy option to our consumers 

Outoof Dates offer wide range of fresh and dry dates varieties, in addition to pressed dates. dates paste. date syrup and chopped dates We receive harvested dates from ultimate farms sources in UAE  Saudi Arabia Iraq Jordan Tunisia & Algeria. We believe in continuous R&D and product development following world-class standardization. 

Our factory is located on a 4000 m2 site in Emirates Modern Industrial Area in UAE. The building complex includes all necessary covered manufacturing. dry and cold storage. laboratory. and administrative facilities The facility has a capacity to handle more than 50.000 MT of dates into five main specialized production lines, 

Private labeling is a core advantage to our cutomer's. we are ready to customize business needs to fulfill market demand as per its local requirements and standards. 

4000 m2

50,000 MT

9+ Countries

20+  SKUs


 From premium whole dates to innovative date-infused creations, our products epitomize quality and flavor. 


At Qutoof , our commitment to excellence is ingrained in every facet of our operations. Our quality policy serves as the cornerstone of our mission, ensuring that our products consistently meet and exceed the highest standards, delighting our customers and fostering trust in our brand.

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